Monday, May 16, 2016

Ft Worth to Shreveport

Yes, I hear you!  All three of you that are still out there checking the blog and wondering what the flip has become of her--and especially, how are her aunt and her sister?

Well, first of all, Aunt Louise is doing quite well and the Estate Sale seems to have been a success.  There are, however, a great many things that are still unsold--dolls, Xmas stuff, more dolls, silverware, more dolls, dishes, etc.   If you are in the market for a Madame Alexander or Santa's elves  please contact me immediately.

Meanwhile, caregiver and friend, Suzanne (also answers to SueAnne), has been a real trouper in learning the whereabouts of all Aunt Louise's favorite haunts.  While I visited we did a trip to the Modern Museum and found these colorful gargantuan objects of recycled plastics and plasters. 

Hmm, I wonder if we could recycle some colorful dolls and Christmas balls. 

                                          I don't think Aunt Louise was all that impressed.

"The more paintings you make, the more you learn"


Now for sister, Jo.  She is recovering with lots of therapy at Marquis Shasta Rehab Center.  I think they will be sending her home soon.  There have been no more blood clots and she is walking (though painfully) on the repaired leg  and hip. 

And sister Mary is back in Hilo.  She and her husband, Jim are preparing to return to the mainland by July 1st to take over my RoadTrek for the summer.  (Halcyon II has been stored in Yuma for the past three months)

These four oddly bent metal posts were once supports for a large billboard in downtown Ft Worth.  

A few years back a tornado came through, destroyed the sign and bent all four posts in this somewhat artistic manner.  The city elected to leave the poles (not Suzanne) there as a reminder of nature's power.

Did you think I could do a blog posting without a restaurant shot?  Not likely. You know you are in the south when Fried Pickles are on the menu.

And fried catfish and Chicken fried steak.

I do not plan to return to Ft Worth until next Fall but I have learned that plans can change quickly.  But, for now, Aunt Louise is in good hands and doing very well.

On the first of May I picked up daughter-in-law, Loretta at DFW airport for a two-week tour of Louisiana. 

As I write this it is two weeks later and I have just dropped her off at the airport in New Orleans.  She is headed back to San Diego. 

It was a great two weeks and there are lots of things to share. I will now try to get something posted every day and bring you up to speed while I head slowly toward Minnesota.  
If you wonder what my plans are for the summer they are to visit the Larson/Reishus clan and be in Mn for grand niece, Katy's wedding.  Then I hope to meander east all the way to Nova Scotia and return through the New England States in the Fall.
My new RV, Spirit, is serving me well.  She has great pluses (2 big beds, private bathroom, larger fridge, more storage, etc) and one minus  (How long does it take before I learn not to drive under low-hanging branches.) Stay tuned.


  1. Wow, you have been busy! It wonderful how fast you bounced back after your surgery.

    The amount of stuff that your aunt had collected was a bit overwhelming to look at on the internet. I can't imagine what it was like in person!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am truly amazed at my recovery. I really did not expect to feel this good and now I intend to enjoy every minute that Babe and I can keep going. And Karen, you are an inspiration to me. I hope someday to meet you in person.