Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Big Bend National Park

The end of the trip was near, it was the last week I would be 'on the road' and I elected to visit Big Bend.  I had lived in Texas and crisscrossed the state dozens of times but I never managed to get to the National Park that is this state's pride and joy.
After all, I had seen ever so much of Texas through the years.  For some reason this particular state always stands in the path of wherever I plan to travel.     

 I felt like I knew the topography well enough (and most of it is exceedingly boring) that I did not expect much from Big Bend.  But the approach looked promising.

Boy was I surprised.

The landscape changed at every curve and I passed up many roads that, had I more time, would have been worth exploring.

I only planned the one night and two days in the park but I was regretting it was not more.

The park is bordered on the south by the Rio Grande River and Mexico and sits in the midst of the Chisos Mountain Range with peaks that are above 7000 feet.

I took a winding road to 5500 feet to spend the night in a park campground.

The campground was surprisingly full since I had seen barely a soul the entire day, but I had enough privacy that it did not feel crowded.

One more of those obsolete things.  Can't they be recycled?  Superman, where are you?    

My view from my campsite.  I met a couple from Quebec traveling in a vehicle like mine.  They had been at it 6 months and were happy enough.  I don't think I could handle living that close to someone for that long--one week seems to be my limit.

These signs are just teasers.  I am sure they are kidding.  All the same I kept the camera ready.  Someday I'll spy one. Maybe when I come back to see some more of this lovely park.

Yes, I am now back in Tucson and in my house.  The RV is empty, scrubbed clean, and sitting in the driveway tempting me every time I look out the front window.  I have one more posting to do on the trip home and then I plan to fill everyone in on what it took to do this and what plans are in the future.  So stay tuned.


  1. I'm glad you got to experience one of Texas's jewels, though you barely scratched the surface!

    I've enjoyed following your blog, and feel that I know you (and like you!). You seem to have the same can-do spirit as your Aunt Louise. Thank you for the virtual adventure.

  2. Doris, Thank you for the lovely comment. I quite agree that I have not seen enough of Big Bend. I will go back there again with many more days to explore.