Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas musings...

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…..Hmm, I have never eaten a roasted chestnut.  I will add that to my list for next year.

Son, Ron, took his fiancé, Loretta, to Minnesota for Christmas--I am not sure why.  The temperature  there today is 29 degrees--and that is the high.  Poor Loretta. It is summer in her home town of Perth right now. Maybe Ron is testing her.

Last weekend was friends, Don and Nancy's annual Solstice Party and it turned out to be the best ever.

Don started it off with a speech that included the history of Solstice plus lots of welcomes and recognition of friends.

Before the night was over the crowd had grown to nearly 100 people….

many of them friends for a number of years.

The entertainment was grand--and loud--with at least 3 microphones and speakers both inside and out...

But not even one irate neighbor showed up--even after the Karaoke got under way.

We had a drone that circled the party throughout the night.

And we had a great rendition of "Mack the Knife."

The wonderful thing about a party of such lovely friends is that they will all listen to the singing then applaud whether you are good or bad.

But many of them, on this night, were very very good.

Homage was paid to the best of all Christmas movies.

And those that were tone deaf found a great card game that included insulting politicians and testing ones sense of humor.

And others enjoyed just sitting around the bonfire that managed to continue burning until the wee hours of the morning.
Thanks guys, it was a great party.

Enjoy your Christmas dinner while you listen to my favorite tune...


 I hope you can access one of the above links, but if not go to Youtube and put in:

"Stuck in the Smoke hole of our Tipi" 
But be careful, this tune will not leave your head for hours. 


  1. Actually, it is 9F here in St. Paul today. Very nice. Really enjoying it. Went for a walk in the snow tonight. Brrrrrr.

    Been driving around checking out the cities. Lots of sliding around on ice in the rental car.

    Going up to Duluth Friday, if weather permits.

  2. Thank you for your cheerful help the next morning with clean-up Toni! Visiting the afternoon before and talking with you the next day are the highlights of the "event" for me.

  3. The host and hostess make this party my all-time favorite. Thank you for a great time--and the use of your curb for the night.

  4. Toni: Loved the pix of all those party animals. We've been having fun, too. Mary came over to our place and we visited while Terry and my daughters and granddaughters went up to Sharky's to harvest coffee beans. Mary's getting better, was able to walk up my steps, slowly, but it is a long healing process.
    I don't know about that Christmas song. But it's stuck in my brain, as you warned me it would be.