Saturday, December 28, 2013

Holiday lights and movies.

Here are all my neighbors and their lights were photographed from my front yard.


In his yard there is a complete creche, four or five Disney characters, lit up chili peppers, and carols playing.
Those green things are a sahuaro cactus and a mesquite tree.

Somehow desert trees don't do so well with lights on them.

Everybody is doing it so here are my top ten movies for 2013:

1.)  Gravity (This is as close as I can get to a trip to outer space)

2.) Philomena (Judy Dench is a marvel)

3.)  Inequality for All (Documentary by Robert Reich)

4.)  Mud (Matthew M. is changing his stage persona)

5.) Dallas Buyer's Club (Change complete)

6.)  Captain Phillips (Good adventure story though not exactly true.)

7.)  American Hustle (Hooray! Finally a movie that gives women equal footing--so they steal the show)

8.) 12 Years a Slave. (The language feels authentic and makes the story that much more real.)

9.) The Butler (Good acting and interesting to see Jane Fonda play Nancy Reagan)

10.) Much Ado About Nothing (Now that is the way I like to see Shakespeare played out)

These are movies I recommend but there are at least a dozen more that are playing right now that, I am sure, are excellent as well.  Anyway, I think it has been a great year for movies.

The highlight for me, however are the Academy Award nominated shorts that all play in February, on a three-night marathon, at our local art theatre.  The shorts are from three categories; live action, documentary, and animation.  If they are playing anywhere near you then don't miss them--I promise you will not be sorry.

Now let me know what movies you liked this year.


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  1. Our neighbors used to put up grandiose displays,but this year they are pretty subdued.The Reich movie and Gravity were the only two films on your list I saw. We've been been getting more and more into mini-series on Netflix and Amazon.