Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The John and Mable Ringling Art Museum

The following pictures are for Hal, Chloe and Alexandra.  I was thinking of you three the whole time.

This museum rivals any that I have seen in this country.  Those statues along the roof surrounding the courtyard are life sized and reminded me of the Vatican Courtyard.

At times I felt I was back in Italy...

Then I would find a piece of art that said "Circus!  This art was paid for with Circus tickets!" I think this museum is not a bad way to reimburse the public for their patronage.

A room just for concerts?

There were pieces by Titian,  Gainsborough, Valasquez, Van Dyck, El Greco, Rubens and more.  

There were so many rooms and so many masterpieces I found I could not read all the descriptions and study all the paintings without spending the night.  I think they might frown on that.  Take a look at that door--that was gold leaf on that carving.

More circus reminders.  These were paintings of only Harlequin....the clown not the romance novels.

Sorry.  Once again I am taking surreptitious pictures without a flash.  

The courtyard was filled with statuary made from casts of the original pieces.

Most of these castings were from only one, two or three ever made from the originals.

There were pieces by Michelangelo, Rodin, Titian, Raphael and more....

and all with the bay in the background.  Breathtaking.

I barely reached the Circus collection....

I could have spent hours with these posters.  They were wonderful, they made me want to go to the circus.  The artwork, the humor, the detail, the excitement--I can almost smell the popcorn.

 Right about here is where they told me it was time to leave.  I want to go back!

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