Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ca'D'Zan--John & Mable Ringling home

Their home impresses like a 5 star hotel.

Mrs. John Ringling was known as 'Mable'.  She was about 55 years old when she died in 1930.

John Ringling was quite impressive at well over 6' tall.  I bet Mable made him shave his mustache.

The two story and more living room.

Much of the house is in the Italian style of the day.

One room has these original hand painted insets of dancers from around the world--

Dozens and dozens of these fascinating paintings...

They were beautiful shadowboxes with the gold leaf frames....

But my neck started to hurt about now....

The office.
The dining room.  Once again, I was not supposed to be taking pictures but I couldn't resist.  Anyway, I turned off the flash so I'm sorry they aren't any clearer.

The bar.

And my favorite room of all...the kitchen.

All the windows had this wonderful pastel hue.  It was a reminder of the circus.

Here's the 'back of the house'.  Those steps go down to the bay and the waiting yacht.

The Coke machine.
Continued Tomorrow:  the Museum and gardens

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  1. You are going to make me go visit that part of the country. You are finding very interesting things.