Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Saying 'Goodbye' to Aunt Louise's House

It has been a busy couple of weeks in Ft. Worth and the most noteworthy activity has been saying "Goodbye" to Aunt Louise's house.  


I had a few pictures in last year's blog postings that showed the HUGE amount of 'things' that Aunt Louise had amassed over her 96 years of life.  Those things were sold in a giant Estate Sale last May and June.

The house was then put up for sale and it was quickly purchased by the owners of an adjoining ranch.  

The new owners wanted it as a guest house, primarily for their children and grandchildren.

Walls were removed, bathrooms were gutted and new tile put in...

New fixtures....

new cabinetry. 

A transformation is definitely underway.

The backyard, once overgrown with vegetation.... now opened up.

Aunt Louise laments the loss of her wildflowers and worries about the wildlife that lived on the property.  But not all has been lost. The new owners have assured her that the wildlife will be protected.  And the irises that her mother (Grandma)  planted over 50 years ago are suddenly much easier to see.

It is undeniably hard to close this door on a life that she was most proud of.  It is something we never, deep down,  think we will have to face.  However, none of us escapes it.  Life changes, sometimes more rapidly and other times so slowly we hardly notice.  Still it changes.
How complacent will I be when I have to give up the keys to the RV?  Not very, I suspect.


  1. Please send my condolences and hugs to Louise, and tell her that her house lives on in my memory.

    1. She was very pleased to get your comment.

  2. Louise is an amazing woman. And so are you, Toni! It's true what you say about change and how we really can't evade it.

  3. Time waits for no man, or woman! I'm reminded of a line from a song I heard on a television program I saw once years ago- "There is always a goodbye. Some will cry, and some will know- it's time to let it go..."

    So much easier said than done though.