Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Woe is me....

It has been two months in Ft Worth--with a two week sprint through Louisiana in the middle--filled with rain, threats of tornadoes, wind, leaks, broken bits and pieces--including my beloved camera--and lots of humid heat.  An expensive all-day trip to Camping World fixed the leaks;  Ace hardware fixed some broken bits but the pieces are still giving me headaches; and the weather is getting hotter.

I tend toward frustration when inanimate objects refuse to operate in their instruction-booklet-promised manner.  After downloading weeks worth of photos from my new camera into the computer the photos all disappeared! Every last one!  There are presently 35,000 photos stashed away in my computer library and I know those new ones have hidden away somewhere in the lot but, try as hard as I might, I can not find them! In addition, everything I have been able to search out looks fuzzy.  I have tried over and over to adjust the camera settings, only to make things worse.

Suzanne, my friend and Aunt Louise's caregiver, tries to keep me laughing but I'm getting more testy by the day.  We did a lot of sightseeing on back country roads and I took lots of pictures (Clark Gardens, Italian Restaurant, Dog Park, Blah, Blah).  Just try to imagine them.

See the ring in the pavement in front of Aunt Louise's chair?  It's for tying up one's horse.  Try to imagine the rest of the little country town we stopped in for lunch.

Aunt Louise's best friend, Louise Farmer and her daughter, Connie.

Finally!  Some pictures appeared under the date 01-01-1980!  Were there any photo programs on personal computers in 1980?

Connie and her husband, Scott.

These are two very talented people with many activities going on in their lives all the time.  Connie sews, quilts, makes jewelry and writes and publishes romance novels under the name of Constance Anne Scott. (I pout and look for photos.)

Even Daisy is having a pity-party.


  1. Hi Toni,
    I found your blog somewhat by accident and have enjoyed reading about Aunt Louise. I hope you miss any bad weather on your westward way--Colorado and then Oregon I believe. Take care, Judy Rein

  2. Judy: Welcome and Thank You for the comment.

  3. Toni, we all have those crummy days when nothing absolutely goes right, but remember it always get better. Hang in there and give Daisy our love (and you too)! Safe travels and take care.

  4. Thank you, Linda. You are right. I am done feeling sorry for myself but Daisy has a tummy ache. It might be the rubber toy she chewed up.

  5. Thinking about you all. Glad Mary will be on the scene soon to help you. Hope your doggie feels better.
    Love and kisses to you and Aunt Louise.

  6. I hope your mood and circumstances are on the upswing now. Re: Daisy and her rubber toy- "this too shall pass?" Hang in there and you'll be past the rough spots before you know it!