Saturday, April 1, 2017

I Need a Rest!

What a harried week!

Getting ready to hit the road means: 
tons of errands--groceries, laundry, carwash, top off the propane, Petsmart for a dogwash,  

cleaning the RV (found an errant onion that was looking for a garden);

 vehicle maintenance (oil change, wheel alignment); 
wash all bedding including dogbed; 
                                                          last minute doctor visits;
                                                                   forward mail;
                                          and finally, farewell lunches and dinners with friends...



Suzie and Bailey 

Bailey (who didn't like sharing his balls with Daisy)

Lynda and Karen

Me with Nancy

Don and Mikey

and Stuart.

Daisy was getting very impatient to get on the road.... 

Her favorite spot is to stand on the stairs and gaze longingly out the screen door.

...and when I fail to pay attention to her she has a unique way of getting my attention. (I am so sorry but the dog ate the gas bill.)

Finally!  We were on the road with a stop on Thursday night at the Sunland Casino in New Mexico.  At 8 AM Friday morning I awoke to the sound of thundering hooves...

...and discovered that we had parked right next to the Sunland race track!  

Daisy thought those big dogs were most entertaining,

We did a lot of horserace watching until the wind chased us back inside the RV.  High wind warnings were on the radio and the roads had become hazardous.  The day before we had passed two big rigs on the highway that were flipped on their sides --I did not want to become another casualty. The wind gusts were even stronger by 10 AM on Friday--clocking to 40 MPH according to the news so we spent a leisurely day rocking to the wind and watching the races from our window.

By Noon the dust in the air was like a thick fog.  The mountains had completely disappeared
and I was beginning to feel grit everywhere I put my hand.

The doors and windows were closed but the sand and dirt were still drifting in.  My clean RV was suddenly filthy--including my bed!  But the horse races continued long into the afternoon!  That seemed like the ultimate in animal cruelty to me.
This morning the wind  died completely and we are traveling again.  Next on the agenda--I am stopping at a Walmart in El Paso and buying a vacuum cleaner!


  1. Glad you are back on the road.
    The wind was over 50 at Elephant Butte National Park. I messed up and left the windows cracked open on the truck.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Good decision to wait out the wind storm. This one missed Phoenix but about a week ago one got us while we were boondocking at Saddle mountain. The day was fairly nice with just a breeze then the wind kicked up and I looked out the window to see a wide, high cloud of dust heading right to us. It was like those old dust bowl photos! Fortunately we got all of the windows closed in time.

  3. That picture of Daisy with the ripped up paper around her. She seems to be saying "What are you gonna do about it? Yea. That's what I thought."

    1. Yeh, she was pretty proud of herself. She knows she is too cute to make me mad at her for very long.

  4. I can see that Daisy has won your heart. I am afraid to get a dog after the love affair I had with my cockapoo, CoCo.
    How I envy you know, with all your energy! Have a joyous time on the road!