Monday, January 23, 2017

Picacho Peak with Scamp

A question I often hear from non-RV dwellers:
"Don't you get lonesome living in an RV?"
Well, if you discount the fact that I have visited more relatives, friends, and acquaintances in the last five years than I did in the previous 25 years, I suppose I do get lonesome on a very rare occasion. But whenever the need for companionship arises I have discovered  this life can be a very social one.  I have shunned the over-50 RV parks with their line dancing and bingo games; I am hesitant to attach myself to caravans and travel clubs because of my need for travel freedom;  and I have been selective of traveling companions because I don't like negotiating all that much.  But there are a few loosely organized groups around that fill the need for camaraderie when that need arises and SCAMP, here in Tucson, is one such group.


SCAMP members meet once a month during happy hour and plan short, usually weekend, trips. 

This month was to the state park that sits on the north side of that interesting peak in the above photo.

The peak is called Picacho Peak.  Picacho is the Spanish word for Peak so the actual name of that peak is--
Peak Peak!

This spot has an interesting history.  It is the site of the westernmost battle of the Civil War.  Who knew?  In 1862 the south, while believing they were going to win the war, wanted to extend the Confederacy from ocean to ocean.  A band of Confederate Rangers from Tucson held off a column of Union soldiers from California in a very fierce battle.  The Union soldiers retreated but returned one month later to take Tucson without firing a shot. 

The State park sits on that battleground. 

Fellow 'Scampers' included Colleen and friend, 

Candy and...

Stan and Dusty.

There might have been more but it was a little chilly.


The days were very pleasant, as well as the company...

Stan provided our campfires at night...

...and the nights were spectacular.

The next Scamp outing is to a Blue Grass Festival in Casa Grande.  
Sounds like fun, I might feel some loneliness coming on.


  1. Glad for more info on Peak Peak, which we had the pleasure of visiting with you!

  2. Is Ms. Mouse still taking up residence in Spirit?

    1. There are no more signs of Ms Mouse. I am using a string of solar powered lights under the RV at night whenever I park too close to the desert. I have also sprinkled cayenne pepper in the back of the cupboard. I don't know if any of this works but I don't want to use a poison. I'll keep you posted.