Friday, January 13, 2017

A game of cat and mouse

Posting to the blog is difficult these days as my computer is still in San Diego with Ron.  He is doing his best to revive it, and meanwhile all blog postings are on hold.  A few weeks back the curser began to flip out, jumping all over the screen at will.  I was aghast! Was Putin hacking my computer, trying to steal my gumbo recipe?  I was sure someone was hacking.

Well, I was right, sort of...When Ron opened the keyboard to clean it he found cat hair...lots and lots of cat hair. It was then I remembered that Sigh Me liked to stretch out on the keyboard whenever I walked away from it.  My computer had a hairball!  I still miss Sigh Me and that nest of hair brought back lots of memories.

Returning to Tucson meant trips to the dentist then a tiny two day trip to Picacho Peak with SCAMP, an RV group here in town.  The worst souvenir possible...I had picked up a mouse while camping on Picacho.   I have spent two days now, emptying cupboards and tossing lots and lots of partially nibbled foods in the trash.  Everything has been washed with bleach water and I am holding my breath that the little vermin has moved on.  Especially since she is probably about to be a mother...she was making a lovely nest from a roll of paper towels.

Once again I am missing Sigh Me.

To safeguard against any more pest invasions I bought a string of solar lights and stretched them out under the RV last night to ward off the beasts.  I should have done that long ago,  nothing will motivate like a mouse.


  1. Nice talking to you! Getting excited about seeing you!

  2. Oh my. Kitty hair in the computer too. I miss my furpeople, but I don't miss the kitty hair in everything. Hope you are now mouseless.