Friday, January 20, 2017

New Year's Eve in Palm Springs

Finally!  My computer is back and working just fine. Thank you, Ron.

Time to catch up on the blog and posting New Year's Eve photos is the first item of business.  

We stopped at the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum to see their wonderful display of baskets.

These designs are not painted on the baskets but are woven into them using different grasses.

The intricate weaving and beautiful artwork are breathtaking.

It was a drizzly, overcast day but we still took the time to window shop.  Ron and Loretta bought a great big wall clock here.

Palm Springs has a Walk-of-Fame on their downtown street and we came across this momento of a talented lady we will miss.

                   Debbie Reynolds and her daughter, Carrie Fisher, had just died a few days prior. 

A stop in Ruby's Diner for lunch.

Kitsch everywhere!

Statues (Sonny Bono) and fountains, expensive shops, and sidewalk cafes are the makeup of Palm Springs.

No, that little horse isn't sad, he's just embarrassed.

I spied two famous people dining out at Tommy Bahamas...

and after dinner they drove me back to the RV so I could nurse an oncoming cold.  That rain was getting to me.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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