Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Yearly Solstice Party

My computer has suffered a gremlin in its belly for weeks now.   To expunge the evil virus I embarked upon a trip to San Diego over Christmas to pay homage to the Master Computer Guru who walks this earth in the form of my son, Ron.

Before leaving Tucson I attended the annual Winter Solstice Party.  After all, it tis the season for merriment and friends and it is always the excuse for a good party.

Host Don is the best at making sure the revelry never wanes.

And Hostess, Nancy, provided turkeys and ham an lots of warm hugs.  

The food kept coming in the door the entire evening and not a plate went empty. 

America has a smile as bright as the fire.

And then came the Karaoke!!  

With over 100 guests, some could sing....

....No, actually everybody could sing...

 ...some were just better than others.

And some were WAY better.

And just to prove how perfect Don and Nancy are to host the Solstice Party, note the line up of recliners above...they have furnished their living room perfectly for enjoying the evening of song.

Along with the guests we had an alien drone...

...that circled overhead all evening monitoring this strange species....

Did I say  'strange'?  I didn't mean you, Phillip. 

The singing lasted till 2 a.m. and just got better  as the night progressed, (I swear).

Finally, it came to an end and I made my way home...to the RV parked in Don and Nancy's driveway, where I spent the night.  (One of the many reasons I love living in and RV)  As always, it was a great party with good friends.  

I hope your holidays were as much fun with friends and family.  

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  1. Looks like fun! Have a good time in San Diego. Sorry we missed seeing you!