Friday, December 30, 2016

The Road to San Diego

Before leaving for San Diego, friend Glenn from the blog "To Simplify" stopped by on his return from the east coast.

I'm glad to see he is blogging again.  He inspires me as he seeks out those truly meditative spots where nature reigns--without the noise, the traffic, the endless malls.  That is what this nomadic life is all about but being a single woman on the road I tend to be more cautious.  I also enjoy meeting people--though on my own terms.  


And seeing friends and family on a regular basis is, for me, the greatest perk of this life.  When I lived in a regular house visiting family or friends meant suitcases, plane reservations, arranging schedules, dealing with pets, finding someone to housesit or just water plants, finding long-term parking, renting a car and the list goes on.  Now I simply pull out the map, secure all loose items,  and send out a signal that "I'm headed your way."  If you don't want me to visit you may direct me to nearest Cracker Barrel or Walmart with a "Maybe next time."  

I will not be offended, there is always someone to see further down the road.

The trip west from Tucson is, for most folks, a five to eight hour drive.  For me it took three days.  Christmas Eve was rainy with some very high winds so I 'turtled in' for the entire day in Yuma, reading and listening to the rain pelt on my roof.

The storm began to subside by nightfall...

...and the next morning dawned clear and warm.

 I made it to San Diego by Christmas Day and have spent the last week visiting with Ron and Loretta.  Ron did some big-time upgrades on my computer and it is working again--hooray!  But he still wants to do some more so I will have to leave it with him and have him mail it to me in Tucson.  Boy, does that make me nervous.

Note the snow on the mountain top.  It's Christmas in the desert.

Palm Springs is on the calendar for New Year's Eve.  

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  1. HI, Toni! Happy New Yesr! Sounds like you are having a very good time with all that lovely scenery to enjoy.
    We are going to be in Phoenix and would love to see you. Possible dates would be Saturday and Sunday, the 21st and 22nd of Jan. Will you be back in Arizona? I got your # from Mary and will call in a few days.