Saturday, December 3, 2016

Penn & Teller, A Lion Habitat

 We did the 'Las Vegas Thing' and took in a show--the magicians, Penn & Teller.

I love card tricks and we had to select four cards from a big barrel before entering the theatre.

During the show Penn (Teller doesn't talk) took the audience through a whole series of maneuvers with those cards and at the end were able to tell 90% of the audience the configuration of the cards in their hands. (?!!)  The other 10% of us just weren't paying attention to the instructions.

And I got a picture with Penn Jillette!  

Before driving away from Vegas I wanted to see what this was all about.  Located on the outskirts of town, it is a sanctuary for lions.

The Lion Habitat Ranch started with the lions from the MGM Grand and this became their home after the Resort closed in 2012.  For $100 I could feed a lion; for $800 I could bathe one....

I decided the $25 entrance fee was enough.  Besides, I remember how hard it was to bathe Sigh Me and was pretty sure this guy would not be any easier.

The ranch is 6.5 acres with about 30 lions--many descendants of the MGM lions.

Visitors are able to stand pretty close.  There are signs posted on the cages warning not to stand directly behind the animals so as not to get sprayed.  (Hmm, not such a pleasant thought.)

The Ranch rescued a baby giraffe named Ozzie that can be hand-fed as well, for $20.  

I wish I had asked where they rescued him from--He was sure cute and friendly but I can't imagine anyone thinking they could keep him for a pet.

I decided to stand back and let someone else feed him.  I was sure there would be some good photos...

...and I was right.

I only wish I could have captured the squeal from that little guy when the giraffe took the lettuce from his hand.

Ozzie pays for his food and also food for some of the lions, by painting and selling pictures.

I've seen worse.

The list of food costs was pretty staggering.  Ozzie better keep those paintings coming.

In addition to the lions and the giraffe, the ranch has rescued three ostriches, two emus, some macaws, cockatoos and guinea hens.

"Not now, Dear.  I have a headache."

Is there any bird homelier than an ostrich or an emu?


 It took 2 1/2 days in a really strong wind for me to get back to Tucson and I had a terrible cold by the time I arrived. 
But I enjoyed the week--without losing a dime in the slot machines.


  1. Getting outa Vegas without losing any money is remarkable. Are you going to see the Holtville Hot Springs now?

    1. Holtville is on my 'to-do' list but this cold has me hibernating for now. Later in the winter I will head back in that direction.

  2. It is sad that for years many organizations used exotic wildlife for personal gains then simply put them down. It's nice to see a place that is giving back to the wildlife kind of like a retirement package.
    What is sadder is that these animals will outlive their cousins still in the wild.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. The enclosures were clean and the animals seemed fat and happy but I would have liked to see them roaming in much larger spaces. Anyway, we might be seeing the end of all the large wild animals and anything we can do to keep them reproducing is a positive--I hope.

  4. That giraffe has a good sense of color and composition!
    Our tigers at the zoo are descendants of circus animals.
    And I've seen ostriches and I've seen emus, and I think the emus win for ugly!