Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Memorial Party--July 8th

The RV was stored in a friend's backyard and I once again boarded the plane for Florida.  Don's passing had been peaceful and pain free for which I am very grateful.  Now it was time to have the memorial party he wanted and time to empty and close his lovely apartment.

Nephew Mark flew down from Minnesota to help with the party....

Then niece Becky came down to assist in cleaning and ultimately disposing of the last of his possessions.

(Dick and Lois)
The party was a complete success.  I truly felt Don was there, at least in the memories and  wonderful praises from the roomful of guests.  

Everyone was invited to claim a momento....

and, needless to say, Jules will make sure Don's colorful shirts will continue to wow the ladies at dinnertime.

Joan and Loren enjoyed the opportunity to visit.

Billie took the hydoponic garden.  There simply was no way to get those pots of plants that grow in circulating water into my tiny RV, though I did think about it. Maybe I could tow a tiny trailer equipped with a solar panel to run the pumps then I would be able to grow my own organic salad. Or  not.  I expect I'll find a Whole Foods or a Sprouts or a farmer's market as I travel.  Gardening will have to wait.

(Gloria  and Helen)

(Jules and Judy)

This was not the last party before I left Lakeport Square and Leesburg.  These lovely people did not let my birthday go by un-celebrated and they have truly made me feel special.  Plus there were some moments so inspirational I want to give them extra attention--tomorrow.

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