Saturday, September 12, 2015

Running in Circles--June 10th to June 24th

Before leaving Florida for Tucson I received a disturbing call from the real estate lady that my backyard had been invaded.  The interlopers were creating a major mess, they were far too mean and aggressive to drive away, and the beasts were obviously planning to stay for the 'long haul'. The following is a picture she took with her phone through the sliding glass doors...
Unwanted Squatters

Behold the javelina or skunk pig!  The animal is a peccary, a medium-sized hoofed mammal that looks and smells like a wild pig.  They are not the wild pigs that were brought by the Spaniards but are actually mammals native to this continent and found throughout the southwest.  Their size is from 40 to 90 lbs--and they are mean and hungry. These two broke through my wooden gate and proceeded to eat everything out of my garden--my cherry tomatoes, squash and cantaloupe vines that were in full bloom, all my herbs, and a whole array of flowers.  When the real estate lady tried to shoo them off they turned on her and charged the sliding glass doors that protected her.

By the time I got home they had moved on down the road but they left an additional mess that I had to clean up before turning over my lovely home.  Those pigs were definitely smart to have vacated the premises before I arrived--nothing steals my cherry tomatoes and lives to tell about it!

This house had been home for 15 years but I was ready to say goodbye.  I have walked away from enough houses now that I no longer feel regret.  I appreciate the lovely architecture, I will miss the gardening and wilder nature of the area, and the neighbors were some of the best.

But, as in the many previous moves, I am ready for something new.  My RV is all I need or want; I still have places to see and people to meet.  It is a real sense of freedom now that I am no longer tied to that miniscule spot of land with the many responsibilities and headaches that go along with it.

Craig's List sold most of the stuff left in the house, Some friends adopted the giant house plants, then Ron and Loretta came from San Diego and helped me empty everything else into a U Store It place. I was out by deadline time (June 24th) and on the plane back to Florida to finish up Don's affairs.

(I fear that these postings are confusing to the reader--They are to me as well.  So much happened so quickly that I couldn't  sit down long enough to record the events but I do not want to lose the record.  I am presently in Tucson  (September) but I am dating the postings for a while to show when they actually occurred.) 


  1. Congratulations on selling your house!

  2. Despite being ugly and smelly, the good news is that Javelinas are pretty tasty. (This from my husband, who knows.)

  3. Its obvious you weren't in Cajun country. You would have had two guys shooting, one guy lighting the pilot and another one starting a pot of rice.

  4. Replies
    1. That should have said lighting the pit. Darn autocorrect.