Thursday, September 24, 2015

Meet Bill Miller and Rhonda Reece--July 9-24

This all started because I had less than 3 weeks to dispose of all of Don's belongings and clear out of his apartment. His many friends had taken all they wanted from the party but it still left lots of furniture, art pieces, dishes, books, clothes, etc.  I was thinking of contacting a resale shop to help me out when I heard about a special lady-in-need.  However,  first came Bill...

I am sorry to say, I did not get a picture of Bill (or Rhonda) but you will find him on his own blog.....

Meet Bill Miller

(Loren and Willi Miller)

I met Bill at Lakeport Square--He is the grandson of Don's friends, Loren and Willi Miller and I had heard all about Bill's amazing virtues from his grandparents.  As they boasted with unabashed pride,  I would simply smile and nod and say I was sure he was the most gifted  grandson in all the world,  until I met him--Yep, they were pretty close.
 I got an invitation to stop by their apartment one evening when Bill was visiting and there he was, laughing, joking and holding court from his hi-tech wheelchair.  Bill, you see, is a young man in his late 30's who has been a quadriplegic from his junior year in college. 
If you check out his blog you will find that he has since completed his college degree, got his masters degree, invented a bowling machine that attaches to his wheelchair, and sponsors a league of other quadriplegic bowlers.  And his high score, for which he holds a record among quads, is 255!

It was from the Millers that I learned about another remarkable person--Rhonda Reece.  Rhonda, in her 30's, is also a quadriplegic, one of the quad bowlers, plus a very good friend of Bill's.
It seems that, until a year ago, Rhonda's parents were her main caregivers but they both unexpectedly died--leaving her with very sparse funds while  desperate for round-the-clock care.  Fundraisers were held, some donations appeared but it was when someone suggested that she go into business selling 'found items' through yard sales and on Ebay that she began to afford her caregivers.
When Bill found out that I was trying to dispose of Don's things, he and his grandparents suggested I think of Rhonda.
It took a week of Rhonda and her 'staff' coming to the apartment each day and carting off furniture and boxes of stuff to finally empty it all.  Rhonda was very grateful and she continuously let me know how much it helped her.  But most of all, I felt sure that Don would have been pleased to know how much his generosity helped someone in need.
It was because of Rhonda that I was able to clear out of the apartment ahead of deadline so I thank her as well and I wish both Bill and Rhonda all the best--along with lots of strikes and spares.

You will find a link to Bill's blog from now on--over on the right under 'Sites that I Like'.

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