Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area

Not much to blog about these days. The rounds of doctors, dentist, vet and the RV service center have kept me running in circles.  In the end, Daisy, Spirit and yours truly are all just fine. Now I have cleared my schedule and hope to take in a few activities worthy of blogging about.

Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area

One day my friend Lynda and I drove about an hour east of Tucson and 1/2 hr south of Tombstone to this small wetland area.  It is a winter stopover for the Sandhill Crane and we were able to see a few thousand of them.

There is an easy pathway out along the water and we got a fairly good look at the birds.

In January there will be more than 30,000 of the cranes in this small slough and I hope to get back to see them.  

There were only a few thousand on the day we were there but enough that I felt the trip worth it.

The cranes are good size birds-- up to 4' high and larger than I expected.    
There is a camping area for 5 or 6 RVs so I may come back in Jan. and spend the night. 

From the wildlife area we drove back to Tombstone for lunch.

I really like that cars are forbidden on the main street.

It is not hard to imagine what it was like here when Wyatt Earp was the sheriff....

...and Doc Holliday gambled in the saloon.

Rush Hour

I do not think some apparel has changed much in 150 years.

We indulged in two of my favorite things:  Fudge....


....and sunsets.


  1. Oh, magic stuff. What a great day. Don't eat the fudge or you will look like me.

  2. Too late about the fudge. But I enjoyed every bite.

  3. I have never been to that wetlands but now bookmarking it for this winter :)

  4. Thanks for all these wonderful gifts you give us. Merry Christmas.