Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hattie's Typepad is no more!

It is with the sadist heart that I must type this announcement.

Marianna Scheffer (of the Blog, Hattie's Typepad) died on November 29th after suffering for almost one year with lung cancer.

Before her retirement Marianna taught (alongside my sister) reading, math and high school equivalency for ten years at Kulani Correctional Facility, the prison on the Big Island.

 It was a year ago, in January that Marianna and her husband Terry came to Arizona for a visit.  It was the last time  I saw her though I will always be grateful that I spoke with her on the phone two days before she died. During that call she was laughing and joking but all the while, brutally honest about her condition. 

On the Arizona trip she showed symptoms of the disease and received confirmation of cancer when she returned home to Hilo, Hi.


Marianna was much more than a fellow blogger.  She was a friend of the family, my friend  and my sister Mary's best friend.

She was an artist, a potter, a writer, a linguist, and she raised some amazing orchids.

Her family included husband Terry, two daughters, four grandchildren, a cute black kitten, and many many friends.

Her daughter Alice posted the following on Marianna's blog on November 30th:

"My mom died peacefully in her sleep last night with my sister Julia and my father Terry by her side.  ....
   I don't have any eloquent things to say but I do know that you all and this blog were an important part of her life."

 My sincerest sympathy goes out to Terry and Marianna's family. She was a special lady and will be greatly missed.


  1. Sorry mom. I know how much you enjoyed talking to her.

    1. Thank you, Ron. I miss blog every morning. It always got me thinking.

  2. So sorry to hear that your and Mary's good friend is gone. She sounds like a fine person who lived life to the fullest.

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  4. I am sad to hear about Hattie. I enjoyed reading her blog and I know she was a close friend to Mary and to you.