Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Zoo with Andrea

It was a particularly nice day when friend, Andrea, joined me on a trip to the Zoo.   

 Ordinarily, I am not a 'Zoo Aficionado'.

The idea of housing wild animals in small fenced enclosures bothers me a lot.

However, as humans continue to encroach on the animal's environment....

kill them for sport or for some imagined magic part of their anatomy....

skin them.... 

pluck them....

work them.....

...poison them with insecticides...

...capture them for pets....

...or kill them out of fear...

...then a zoo will become the only place where we can see these amazing creations of nature. 

The Tucson Zoo is better than most, although I probably would not enjoy it at all in the summer heat.

I doubt that these guys enjoy it much in the summer either.

He looked well fed.

So did she.

Some Goddess in charge of fashioning Odd Creatures of Nature worked over-time to create this one.....

Nowhere are there this many miss-matched parts and pieces on one animal.

I think he's in love with the camel across the way.

I loved the Merry-go-Round

This week Andrea is joining me on a trip to the Loft Theatre to watch the Academy Award nominated shorts (live action and animated).  If you are lucky enough to have an art theatre nearby that is showing these short films then I highly recommend them.  It is my fourth or fifth year and I think is it well-worth the effort.  


  1. Those are lovely photos. Your reflections on the perils facing animals in the wild are much on my mind, too, when I visit zoos.

  2. I love little Daisy and will be happy to be her god-mother. The carousel is lovely. Enjoy Tucson, you'll be in the land of Rick Perry soon.

  3. Daisy is thrilled to have you as a goddess-mother. And yes, I am enjoying my last few days in Tucson.