Monday, February 27, 2017

Driving Miss Daisy Bella

There is a new love in my life and she is a real darling.  Her name is Daisy Bella and she is a 10 month old rescue dog that my son and his wife found at a shelter.  

She is a terrier, half Yorkshire and half Norfolk.  She has the funny little tail that was originally bred into them to act as a handle to pull them out of rabbit holes. (or so they say)

She is one brave (tongue in cheek) watch dog.  She was totally cowed by that stuffed wolf, she greets every stranger like a long lost love, all little dogs are buddies, but any dog as big as a horse is her sworn enemy. So if a burglar leading a fanged Cujo breaks into the RV she will alert me--otherwise she'll lick the burglar to death.

Of course--I was not ever going to let another pet sleep in my bed, but it has been very cold at night.  Well, when spring gets here she will be sent back to her own bed.

Her favorite pastime is to sit in front of the screen door and watch the world go by.  

She also likes the passenger seat and is completely un-rattled by traffic or noise.

 One morning I took her to visit my friends, Suzie and Bill, and their big Lab, Bailey.  I was sure Bailey would love her--and he did.  However, Daisy did not like the 'butt-sniffing' and accidentally backed into the swimming pool--and the water was ice-cold!

She was rescued by friend Susie who jumped in the pool wearing only her nightgown!  The thermometer read 50 degrees (the water was probably 40 degrees)!

A few hours in a warm bed was all Daisy needed to recover.  Heroine, Suzie, went for a hot shower.

"No Thank you, I don't like swimming and I think I'll stay away from that pool."

"Perhaps when the weather warms up a bit."

Daisy is revealing many special traits.  She is teaching me how to play fetch, how to make friends with every Tom, Dick and Harry that comes along, and she believes that movies with lots of people and animals are the best.   

I've never had a pet that likes to watch TV or movies.  She watched the Academy Awards last night at friend, Andrea's, house.  She was rooting for LaLa Land but I was glad Moonlight actually won.


  1. I am happy that Miss Daisy will now be your taveling companion. Both of you will give each other so much TLC. Safe travels, my friends.

  2. She is so loving and will be a good companion on my travels. Thanks Karen and Linda for the comments.

  3. I would love to have a doggie like that. Maybe some day...

  4. Daisy is a real cutie. You can tell she has a 'personality I am convinced, based on the photos, that she will not be spoiled at all.