Friday, July 8, 2016

Wawa, Ontario

Driving away from the shore for a while I came to the little town of Wawa.  

The Ojibwe word for 'wild goose' is wawa.

The WaWa goose monument is to commemorate the completion of the Trans Canada Highway.  

Right here I want to add that the highways I have driven on so far in Canada have been superb.  There are few, if any, potholes; the markings are clear and freshly painted; and construction or maintenance is underway for most of the bridges I encountered.  I can only wonder where all those highway taxes go to in the U.S.  Every gallon of gasoline we buy has a major tax on it that I thought was for road maintenance.  Take if from me, our roads and bridges are shameful.

And one larger-than-life size goose was not enough for this town, a second one was erected three years later in 1963.

I drove down an unpaved country road behind the town....

...and found a small park (It had one picnic table and one outhouse) on a small lake.

It was a lovely setting so I stayed the night...

...with these guys as my only neighbors.

Do you know what a group of butterflies is called?

It's a Kaleidoscope.

The next morning I drove back into the town and found a parking area on the other side of the same lake.  

Again, I looked for any signs forbidding overnight parking but didn't find any.

So I stayed a second night.  It was such a pretty place and the town even has free WiFi.

The weather has been perfect for the entire time I have been on the North Shore.  The nights are in the 50's and the days in the low 70's.

I can't imagine what it is like here in the winter but I can highly recommend it for the summer.

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  1. Looks lovely. And a kaleidoscope of butterflies: how perfect!