Friday, July 29, 2016

Free at Last and Headed for the Border


I cannot say enough about the little towns of upstate New York.

If you removed the cars and trucks you would swear you had stepped back 100 years.

So much care has been taken to preserve the old buildings, some over 150 years old, 

...and to keep them viable.

Every town I visited has something interesting to see.

As I drove into Pulaski this view was to my right and paralleled the main street of the town.

The Salmon River

The River is in the very heart of the town and the business area backs right up to the river.

There is a walking trail along the river that runs the length of the town.

I parked Spirit, got out and walked for an hour.

Most of the backdoors of the shops opened out onto the high bank of the river.

Several places along the river provided these overlooks.


If I worked in one of those shops I would have a fishing pole and at lunch each day I might try to catch one of those salmon.

I came across this very old log building that is now a bar.

 I wondered just how old it was but sadly, no one was around that knew the age.


I came upon this tiny little garden (It really looked more inviting than this picture indicates) and I sat and rested for a minute.  How thoughtful to provide this right down town. 

Then I saw the plaque that said it was a memorial to Vernon F. Snow.  I think I would have liked to meet him.

Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all have a bench as a memorial when we die?  Each bench should be in a busy spot where people might need to stop and rest their tired feet.  One's ashes could be sprinkled in a flower bed under that tree and petunias planted beside a commemorative plaque.  I think my plaque would have to read, "I wonder what's around that corner." 


  1. I was up that way many years back, in the Glens Falls area. Idyllic places...
    Pulaski is what we ski lift operators used to call a snow and ice implement used around chair lifts.

  2. This is so "you." I share your wanderlust!