Thursday, March 24, 2016

San Diego

I spent ten days in San Diego while Ron did some added luxuries to the RV.   

(This pillow made me think of my friend Andrea.  No, I did't buy it--no room)

I think this is a Mormon tabernacle.  At least it is pretty impressive.  And that is Spirit in the mall parking lot.  While Ron was working so hard, Loretta and I were spending time and money shopping.

Ron Installed:  A full length mirror on the outside of the bathroom door and a smaller mirror in the bathroom; stops on all the shelves so things will cease jumping out at me when I open a door; a folding tray next to the sink so I have more work space; a new GPS named Lizzie (an upgrade from Elizabeth); LED bulbs in all the light fixtures, and a dozen smaller items that make everything more convenient.

Thought I would show off the new solar panel on the roof.  It is working like a champ.


And on the way back to Tucson I stopped in the park in this tiny little town for lunch.  That statue was enough to give the kiddies in the playground nightmares.  
Back in Tucson I am doing last minute stuff before I take off for the summer.  There are doctor and dentist appointments and, of course, taxes to tend to.  There are also friends to see before I leave and a few more last minute errands.  My target date to head east is April 14th but weather will be the big factor.  Stay tuned.


  1. That statue is in Jacumba, in east San Diego County.

  2. I kind of like snakes! Anyway, you look well equipped for further adventures.
    Talked to Mary this a.m. and she is plugging along, very happy to have an apartment of her own where she can retreat and recoup.
    We really miss her.