Thursday, March 10, 2016

Life in an RV

In my previous post I failed to show any  pictures of... new dining area (There is lots of storage under those seats--Yeah!)...

...and my kitchen (not such great storage but I should stop storing so much food.)

The absolute worst thing about RV parks can be seen here, out my kitchen window.  As you see above, I am looking directly into my neighbor's window.  

And if I look out my lovely picture window, I see this.

And here we have the front windows.  There are some very nice RV parks around but the convenient ones, inexpensive ones, or available ones (not many during the Gem Show in Tucson), all look like this.  Ugh!

So I often drive over to the Cracker Barrel restaurant where it is quiet,  I am mostly alone after 10 PM and can enjoy a great breakfast in the morning.

The following conversation took place at the DMV office a few weeks ago when I went for my yearly registration of the RoadTrek and to update my driver's license...

The seriously efficient DMV agent,  as she is typing my information into the computer:  "Is this address the same?" and she pointed at my old driver's license.
Me:  "No, I sold my house last year and I live in my RV now."
She:  "So what is the address where you park?"
Me: "I don't have a permanent one.  
She: "Well, where are you parked right now?"
Me:  Right now I am in your parking lot."  (I thought I was being clever but she looked annoyed.)
She:  "We need a permanent address."  (she was becoming more serious)
Me:  "Well, sometimes I park in friend's driveways."
She:  "We'll use a friend's address then."
Me: "No, I can't do that without their approval because of the advertising that comes."
She: "Okay, where do you get your mail?"
Me: "I have a P.O. Box number..."
She:  "I still must have a physical address."  
Me:  "I really don't have one anymore."
She:  "So where do you usually park?"
Me:  "Often at Cracker Barrel Restaurant."  
She gave a long sigh and stood up, "Excuse me while I talk to my manager."
In five minutes she returned: "Where is this restaurant?"
Me: "On I-10"
She typed "Cracker Barrel, I-10" into the computer.
Me: "But tomorrow night I will be in Yuma and I will park at the Cracker Barrel there.  I don't know their address."
She gave me a long look then erased I-10 from the computer and said, "Done!"
I am thinking of stopping by Cracker Barrel in Tucson and ask if they have any mail for me.


  1. Also, how can they get a jury summons to you?😉

  2. Toni, your RV is very similar to ours so I know you wil enjoy it thoroughly. We do have a slide out pantry next to our fridge to store food staples. Can't wait for you to visit us. Take care and be safe!!!

  3. That's just weird. Does this disenfranchise you? In Hawaii you can't vote unless you have a street address.

  4. Hattie: Yes it does disenfranchise me. I am trying to get re-registered without subjecting friends to junk mail. I will find an AZ address since I am determined not to lose my vote.