Wednesday, February 10, 2016

More Gem Show

We did not get to the venues that feature the fine jewels (#1 reason, mostly open to wholesalers; #2 reason, mostly open to people with money to spend;  #3 reason, our feet gave out)

But there was jewelry everywhere anyway and we managed to find a few things that fell within our budgets.

I wanted him but couldn't convince myself that I needed him.

The array of beads of every color and quality, 

made me want to take up jewelry making.

There are hundreds of these booths throughout the show.

And the variety of crafts using semi-precious stones....

are something to behold.

How is it that the rocks I encounter along a trail never look like this?


Unless you break the rock open, slice and polish it.

Who ever figured out that the dull grey rock along some pathway had this on the inside?

These geodes are being purchased and shipped all over the world.  

Andrea is hoping the price will come down on this one.

These are lamps made from stones.

 And bowls made from stones.  These are way too huge for any salad I would ever make. 

The colors in these two pieces were......


Stay tuned--there is more to come.

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  1. I think they must have every rock in the world there!