Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gem Show--The African Village

My initial visit to the African Village was 15 years ago when I first moved to Tucson.  At that time the village was the highlight of my introduction to the Gem Show.  I have been to that particular venue for a total of four times now and each time I have found it sadly less interesting than the original.

It is, however, still worth the visit.

From the first visit to this time-- one food booth with regional food versus a 1/2 dozen or more the first year.

Also, I remember lots of music where, this time, there was only one small booth of musical instruments tucked in a corner.  Occasionally, a passerby would stop and give a small tattoo on some of the drums.  It only made me wish for more.

I still loved the costumes.  How sad we Americans revel in our bland sweatshirts, faded jeans and blah running shoes.  

And why not some colorful headgear? It sure beats baseball caps and sun visors.

And then there is the alternative.  Note the beads.

Color was everywhere...

I would have bought one of these if I had a wall big enough for it in the RV.

Maybe my next RV should have a mantlepiece--or not.

Her expression made me chuckle.

And I wanted a dozen of these but no space or money.

Feathers and masks.

Lots of signs.

"Fear woman and save your life"  (?) 
I think this artist has some anger issues.

It really helps my pocketbook that I don't have room for all this stuff.  

And, of course, there were beads. I think I have had enough Gem Show for this year.

Coming soon:  My new home. Stay tuned.

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  1. Lots of stuff to buy all right, but just think about Aunt Louise and resist!