Monday, November 9, 2015

Team River Runner--And the winner is?

And the winner of the Chaotic Kayak Race...


Well earned, guys.

The day ended as beautiful as it began...

The money was counted....

And the final total was announced.  $57,603!!! Unbelieveable.  This amount of money brought 22 veterans, family members, caregivers and volunteer workers and counselors to St John on November 1st for one week.

Please check out the Team River Runner website to see the wonderful work this organization is doing plus the experience these donations brought to them. And if you can find the time please watch the documentary, "On Me".  The links to both can be seen on the blog entry just before this on.e

After the event the volunteers had a celebratory dinner in a local fish restaurant.

And well-deserved bragging ensued. 

And to Joe Mornini and Tom Larson, Thank you both for your work on this.  I think you are awesome (and I am not the least bit biased.)

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