Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Walk in the Desert

As you might tell by the number of months since my last post, it has been an emotionally hard year so far for me.  

Losing Sigh Me at the beginning of this year was so very very sad.  She was the best cat-companion I have ever had (and I have had many).  But, no, I do not plan to adopt another anytime soon.  There are so many details to worry about with a pet and by far the most important is that a pet be happy in an RV.  Also, in this hot part of the country right now it would be nearly impossible not to cook a pet to well-done while just dashing into the corner grocery store.  Maybe I might find one of those teacup dogs I could simply drop into my purse.

This winter in Az was relatively mild with only a short trip over to Yuma when the temps dropped to freezing.  I parked for a week in the Casino parking lot along with many other RVs and just read lots of books.  I am adjusting to perusing books on my 'Kindle App' and, even though it is still not as satisfying, I like the convenience of tucking my IPad under my arm when I go into a restaurant or while waiting at the DMV. 

The short trip to Yuma turned out to be my last anywhere in the RV for many months to come.  Back in Tucson I took advantage of the mild winter to walk in the desert that surrounds my subdivision.

In February I got word that Aunt Louise had fallen again, broke her shoulder, and was back in the hospital.  I knew that meant I would be traveling back to Ft Worth within a month or two when they let her out of rehab, but first I had to work on putting the house back on the market for a second time.

I found a 'pet substitute' in Cleo from next door.  I dogsat her for a few days and it did not take her long to find a soft spot in my heart and also in a few other places.

Sadly,  mid-winter I got word that my aunt Lucille had died.  Once again I was grateful that I had been able to spend some time with her during my travels in the RV but I also regretted that I had missed her 90th birthday the previous summer.  She was my mother's last sibling and always, to me, one of those really kind and gentle people.  


Aunt Cile would not be the last one to say goodbye this year.  95 year old Belle, would leave us this summer.....

followed very closely by brother-in-law, Don (who missed his 93rd birthday by one week). 

The wonderful attributes of all three of these lovely people were that they lived life to the fullest right to the end.  I saw them as vibrant, cheerful, involved, very inspirational and truly role models to emulate. 

I was completely unsettled all winter.  With Aunt Louise needing help again,  plus a very cold housing market in Tucson it was hard to  plan my summer of traveling.  People continued to ask, "What next?"  to which I could only shrug and wonder if I would ever be back on the road.

Ron and Loretta came for a visit and we went to dinner at our favorite fine dining spot--the local Sonoran Dog Stand. If you've never had a Sonoran Dog then I am so sorry for you.

And later that day Loretta and I drove over to Sabino Canyon and took the tram into the park.

Only 1/2 hour drive from the house.


I must say, the great-out-of-doors is very accessible to anyone living here.  This swimming hole is a favorite for the Tucsonan in the summer when temperatures hit 100+.  There is always water running in this stream.


By April 15th I started preparing the RV for the drive to Ft Worth.  There were no nibbles on the house so I was pretty much resigned that I would not be rid of it this year.   And if I was being realistic,  any major trips across country would have to be postponed or, even perhaps, forgotten.


  1. I'm sorry to see that you lost so many family members but it looks like they all lived fulfilling lives. It's good to have you posting again!

  2. Thank you so much. And especially thanks for waiting around for me to get back to the blog.

  3. I have missed your blog postings, Toni, as if you were an old friend. Welcome back! What a hard year it has been for you. Louise called me last week and invited me to visit, which I will definitely do when I'm back in Texas this winter. It was wonderful to hear from her. Hope you get back to your travels.