Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stuff you probably won't care about....

This has been a very boring week and will continue to be so until I finish working on the house (yard, painting, cleaning carpets and tile, blah, blah).  I don't have even one good picture so I decided to take a picture of my lunch...Toni's Taco Salad Supreme (see recipe below).

Award season is upon us again.  I am far behind in watching the movies most likely to be nominees this year but I do have two movies I highly recommend:
"Boyhood"  It won the Golden Globe award last night,  will surely be nominated this year for an academy award,  and it certainly deserves to be.  It is lovely in every respect and, months after seeing it scenes continue to touch me.
"Wild"  It stars Reese Witherspoon, is a sexually explicit but true experience in the life of Cheryl Strayed, and is an accurate accounting of her book--which I highly recommend reading before seeing the movie. Actually, I enjoyed the book more than the movie but the theatre experience was worth an award as well...
Tucson has opened a Roadhouse Dinner Theatre and, last week, was the first time I was able to experience it.  I loved it.  All the old uncomfortable seats have been removed and now there are great big, plush recliners with wooden table trays that slide around over your lap.  Full meals including alcoholic beverages may be ordered right to your seat with a handy button to push if you want dessert or a drink refill.  The ticket was not much more expensive than most theaters and the food was also not too bad (really good hamburger at $9.00, a variety of gourmet popcorns, pizza, draught beer, etc). I don't expect to be eating in a theater very often but it was definitely a fun way to watch a good movie.

Toni's Taco Salad Supreme...
Start with some corn chips,
Top with any or all of the following: chopped lettuce, tomato, green peppers, black olives, some beans (any you like), corn kernels, chopped green onions, Whatever.
If I have it I like to add a cup of homemade chili at this point but it isn't necessary (most of this isn't necessary as you may have already guessed)...

  For the final lo-cal dressing (LOL) I like a mixture, 1/2  of my favorite salsa and 1/2 Greek yogurt.  Then top it off with grated Coteja cheese (or cheddar, or Jack, or whatever).  Believe me, this is better than Taco Bell.

So sorry to be so boring.  I will attempt to be a better blogger in the future but don't expect much till I am on the road again.  And who knows when that will be.


  1. Boyhood's available on streaming video, so I'll watch it. And maybe Wild, too. The last movie I saw was Citizen4, which disappointed me, after all the hype about Snowden. But I think it's because I read Greenwald's book that covers the same territory.
    Talked to Mary this a.m. and she said the air in Hilo was terrible yesterday, so I'm glad we are here for now.
    I'm making tacos tomorrow! Great way to have an easy, nutritious and good-tasting meal.

  2. I saw Wild the other night, and it did not resonate with me, somehow. Guess I wanted more about nature.

  3. Hey wassup? Heard anything from Mary?

  4. You there? Had dinner at Mary's. They are find and had a great time.