Monday, November 10, 2014

The Reception on Stearns Wharf

If anyone is looking for a memorable setting for a wedding reception let me recommend the Conway Family Wine tasting room on Stern's Wharf in Santa Barbara.

The wharf is always interesting...

But the view of the city is really lovely.

It was a perfect afternoon with very calm water and lots of boaters. 

The reception was upstairs at the winery and dinner would be served on the balcony.

There were lots of interesting shops to explore before the bride and groom made their appearance.

The tables were set...

and a few intruders began to arrive.

Christine volunteered to keep the interlopers at bay.  

It was a great party, with delicious food, great friends, a caring family and two happy lovebirds.

Robin, Loretta, Renee

Christine, Raymond and Ron

Jenna and Christine

Some warm toasts...

Loretta and her father, Albert

and some smooth dancing.

I wish you both a life filled with happiness and health, joy and love.  
from MOM


  1. What a wonderful celebration. She is the most gorgeous bride! Congratulations to both of them! Love seeing their day, captured!

  2. Thanks for sharing this occasion! I enjoyed this so much!