Sunday, November 30, 2014

From One Blogger to Another

One of the truly nice features of blogging is getting to know other bloggers.  It is especially pleasant when said blogger shares many of the same interests, like living in and traveling in an RV.

Allison and her husband are spending the winter here in Tucson and I decided to take the opportunity to meet her.  We have been following each other's travels and you will find her blog over there to the right of this page...."Allison's Post Work Thinking--now that I have time to think." 

So we met for lunch and took a stroll through my very favorite little park, Tohono Chul.

It was a perfect day, warm and crystal clear,  totally unlike the raging polar vortex smacking down the northern regions at that moment.

I, once again, photographed some of my favorite pieces that are sprinkled about the park...

while we chatted about life's pleasures on the open road.   Allison and her spouse have been at it since 2008--several years longer than Sigh Me and me.  Altogether it was a wonderful and relaxing day and I hope we can do it again before they take off in the spring.

A few days later my friends Suzie and Bill left to spend Thanksgiving in Colorado...

and I have the pleasure of babysitting this handsome lad.  He is so affectionate  that he follows me even into the john.  Don't ask me why I had the camera with me at that particular moment but I am glad I did--I love the picture. 

And I can tell you about one very unhappy and upset kitty.  

One afternoon my friend, Bailey, and I decided to venture to the dog park.

Bailey found a friend right away and the two of them raced each other from one end of the park to the other for 1/2 an hour--until...

...this lovely lass appeared on the scene.  Well things got a bit testy when Bailey decided this was the love of his life (or at least the love of the day) and he would not leave her alone.  In frustration with the over abundance of displayed affection, I put Bailey's leash on him and marched him back to the RV, only to discover that he was not ready to leave  his new sweetheart.  He flat out refused to set foot in that RV, and I learned it was impossible to lift a 60 lb dog if he isn't willing.  So he sat on the ground and whined to go back to his sweetheart while I sat on the floor of the RV with a lap full of dog biscuits trying everything I could to sweet talk him into jumping in.  It was almost dark when a cute young gal walked up and asked, "Anything wrong here?"  
I explained the dilemma but was sure she couldn't help, she didn't weigh much more than Bailey.  Where upon, she reached down, wrapped her arms around his middle and heaved him up and into the van.
"How did you do that?" I gasped.
"Easy," she said, "I'm a veterinarian. I do this all day long."
Bailey munched on dog biscuits all the way home.


  1. Ha!
    Yes, I agree that one of the great pleasures of blogging is meeting fellow bloggers. I think it's cool that we know each other both from connections to Mary and from blogging.
    I'd really like to visit you one day in Tucson. Don't know when, but looks as if there are fun things to do there.

    1. Tucson is a very interesting town and I am still exploring it. It has great history, a variety of cultures, the University, beautiful surroundings and a perfect winter climate. But summertime is the worst. I have lots of spare bedrooms and we could explore together. Come anytime.