Thursday, July 3, 2014

A New Beginning

I woke up one morning, stepped outside the RV and found this guy watching me. 

No, I don't take a lot of stock in omens, but maybe it is a reminder that I should slow down, relax, and smell the wildflowers for a while. Nope, forget that, I can't handle anymore chigger bites from that tall grass.  
Actually, this vulture may be a pet of Aunt Louise's.  Several years back a vulture built a nest on her back porch and soon hatched a couple of eggs.  Aunt Louise left food for mama vulture including some tasty raw steak just for the young uns.  When the babies were big enough, the feathered family departed, but I wonder if this is one of them--looking for a good steak dinner.

And speaking of dinner--the above picture is one of Aunt Louise's yummy pureed meals at the rehab place.  We have a game to guess what those lovely mounds are, since taste alone does not always tell us. This plate contains spaghetti and meatballs, broccoli, something yellow and bread.  Needless to say, the meals provided incentive for Aunt Louise to do all the therapy necessary to get out of there.  

Many days were spent trying to find a suitable apartment for Aunt Louise that she just might enjoy.  Make no mistake, this time of life for her is the hardest she has ever had to face.  Moving from her home that is overflowing with treasures, into a very much smaller, two bedroom apartment, minus the acres, and the trees, the deer, the privacy and solitude it is almost more than she can bear.  There have been tears and angry words but perseverance has paid off and we finally have a 'new beginning.'

It's a small but charming 'Independent Living' establishment called Hill Villa in Ft Worth.  

Kim was patient in showing Aunt Louise all the fine features of the establishment including the fact that the apartment could be ready for Aunt Louise the weekend before she checks out of rehab. That meant that I could begin the move and have it ready for her!

I heard they were looking for some college funds, hence two charming young brothers, Grant and Alex, applied for the job of movers for the day.

They demonstrated that they had the muscle necessary to complete the task .  The temperature that day was in the high 80's and so was the humidity so it was not an easy job but the boys proved they could do it and kept at it the entire day.

Thanks, guys, you were awesome!

The apartment is still very bare without the paintings or bric-a-brac but Aunt Louise is looking forward to the day we can go out to her house 'shopping'.  

She is on the third floor and has two balconies, each looking out into a lovely tall tree.  I think a couple of bird feeders may entice a few visitors 
 to the scene.

My Aunt Louise, The Bird Whisperer.


  1. Congratulations, Toni!
    You and Aunt Louise have come a long way, thanks to you.
    The new apartment looks lovely. I hope there are congenial people around her, as well.
    Of course, there is still so much to do. Keep in touch--your friends in Tucson are wishing you well.
    Ha, ha! It actually rained here yesterday!

  2. You are so kind to do this. It's hard giving up your home and the giant yard. I thought it would finish off my mother in law. It's really good that you're there with her. Maybe you can park in the independent living parking lot and escape those wretched chiggers.