Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Birthday Party

When I first received the invitation to attend my sister-in-laws 90th birthday party in Minnesota I did not think I could go.  There was so much happening in my life it just seemed to be no way to fit the trip in--Until brother-in-law, Don, and son, Ron, gave me an early birthday present of an airplane ticket!

(Donna Mae and her daughter, Becky)
So on Friday the 29th of June I found a babysitter for Sigh Me, a companion sitter for Aunt Louise and I boarded a plane for a whirlwind weekend in Larson country.

(Brother-in-law, Don and his caregiver, Kelly)
Dapper Don was also celebrating his 92nd birthday that same weekend so it was a double celebration.
I do believe both Don and Donna Mae look younger every time I see them. 

He hasn't changed a bit in the two years since I last saw him.

It was Kelly's first time to Minnesota and I think she really enjoyed meeting this wonderful family.  
The weekend schedule read like this:

Friday night:  Don's birthday at the Pizza Parlor across from the hotel.
Saturday Lunch: hosted by Donna Mae at the apt. complex where she lives
Saturday dinner:  Barbecued Brats at Becky and Tim's place
Sunday morning:  church
Sunday afternoon:  Mega party for Donna Mae
Sunday Evening:  Dinner at Applebee's
Monday AM--Everybody flies home--tired but happy.

(Son Ron, Mary, Kelly, nephew Mark, nephew Alan, Connie)

(Standing:  Alan, Mark, Reed, Kelly, Becky, Don, Tim, Me, Mary
Seated: Donna Mae, David, Sheryl)

Son, Ron brought a map of Norway and it became the center of attention for a few of the family that are planning to visit there this year.  I couldn't resist this pose--sorry guys.

Then son, Ron, skyped the cousins in Norway and everyone had a chance to talk to them for a few minutes.  Ron's trip has really made me want to see Norway. My bucket list just gets longer and longer.

Cousins Reed, Mark and Ron

Little Anthony.  I called him 'Tony' but he didn't think that was so special.  Anyway, Donna Mae's great grandson is a cutey.

Master Chef, Tim.  Even though it was pouring rain outside, Tim and Becky put together a wonderful meal and no one missed 'the cookout'. Thanks, Tim, the brats were delicious.  

Ron and Donna Mae

Donna Mae's three--David, Becky and Alan 

Kelly had never seen the Mississippi River so Ron drove us to the Guthrie Theatre where we could walk out on their balcony and get this great view. The river was threatening to flood and it looked pretty wild.

Toni and Kelly

Ron and Kelly

More cousins--Sarah, Katy, Andrea, Kyle, Alex, and Mom, Sheryl

Who is that lovely lady having that serious discussion with Don?

She is Pearl, a fellow classmate of Don's from Cottonwood.  I think they are the last two from their    senior class.

Becky emceed the birthday party on Sunday for Donna Mae.  

This was less than 1/2 the crowd.
There were more than 100 people there, many had flown in from all over the country.

Mary and Mark

Me, Norman and Kelly
This is Donna Mae's 'friend' that sent her the most outrageously huge bouquet of red roses.  Kelly and I had to meet such a romantic guy.

Uncle Don with grand nieces, Laura and Britta.  

Laura, Mary and Britta 

Sharon, Mary, Me, Dale, Jeanie, Janice

One last meal at Applebee's

This has been my second family from the day I married Don and Donna Mae's brother, Roger, in 1961. They are as wonderful and loving as they appear in these pictures and I am so very grateful they are still in my life. 
Below this posting is a second, semi-related posting on additional happenings.


  1. What a wonderful family you have. I can't believe how many of you there are. Great weekend!

    1. My motto: If you aren't born into them, then marry into them, and if that isn't enough, then just adopt them. I'm looking for some to adopt in New England--so far I don't have any to visit there.

    2. We know one family from the old days who now live in Amherst and a blogger friend that I have yet to meet in person. Don't know what I'll be up that way again, though.