Sunday, June 1, 2014

Deb's Ranch

One lovely afternoon my friend, Nancy, invited me to join her on a visit to Deb's Ranch.  It was pure Arizona....

The long entrance had a colony of  prairie dogs standing at attention to welcome us as we drove in.

I sure hope you can see this fellow, he was too adorable to be classified a 'rodent'.

Directly ahead is the ranch manager's house.  Behind and to the right were the bunkhouse, tack room, corrals and some chickens.

Some chicks....Deb and Nancy in front of the classic ranch house.

And, just as a reminder that this is a working ranch, here is the coat rack right inside the front door.

The view from every direction is classic western.  Any minute Clint Eastwood will walk through that gate.

Water is, of course, the single most cherished resource in the desert and just to look at it gives some relief from the dry heat.  

This is the chicken coop.  

And the bunkhouse which is the very favorite hangout for all the grandkids.  What lovely memories those kids will have.

The Tack Room.

And Deb with one of her friends. 

The screen that covers the horse's face is to keep the incessant flies away away from their eyes.

The mask is a screen so the horse can see through it; it is only necessary through the summer months when it provides a great deal of relief.

Thanks for the lovely visit, Deb.

UPDATE:  Ron has been trying to post the final photos on his Norway trip but he is having some computer problems so just stay tuned.  He will get them posted eventually.

And Most important.... Aunt Louise has had some difficulties lately with high blood pressure and falling (she fell a month ago and broke her left arm and then fell again last week though did not break anything that time.)  So she is in a rehab facility right now and is waiting for me to arrive
 to 'spring her'. 

 Sigh Me and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Fort Worth, Tx and we should arrive by Wed or Thurs. I don't know how long we will be there but I suspect it will be for several months or more.  
My house is still for sale and will stay on the market; the real estate agent will continue to show it.  A teenage neighbor girl will do some houseplant watering and I have my fingers crossed that everything   survives while I am gone.  But here is another reminder that things like houses and furniture and 'stuff' can dictate our lives, even in a crisis. I am more than ready to disentangle, simplify my life, 'go with the flow', and enjoy the people in my life while I still can.
I will update the blog along the way and especially keep everyone posted on the health and happenings with Aunt Louise.


  1. I love the look of the desert! Such a beautiful place your friends have. It really is my soul place, I guess, even though I'm happiest in Hilo.
    Give Louise my love and hope things work out for her and you.

  2. Deb has a blue heeler! I love those dogs.

  3. Another world! Good luck on your next adventure-I bet your Aunt Louise will be glad to see you and Sigh Me.

  4. Toni, I am sorry to hear about Louise but glad to know the news. Please give her my love and tell her that I will call her soon.