Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a New Year!

 It was a great party at Phillip's house.  He lives high up in the Catalina foothills overlooking Tucson, and he collects all manner of creepy, crawly desert critters.

For some, his hobby manifested in the form of hors d oeuvres.

I managed to stay out of the room with all the mysterious tanks and cages. I tend to have nightmares and I was sleeping in the RV that night without the protection of Sigh Me.

I wanted a picture of the city from high on the hill but failed to get a good one before dark settled in.  Take my word for it, the view was pretty fantastic, and in every direction.  And the stars were brilliant.  We even espied a few comets--or UFOs.

All ages were present, while marshmallows and sparklers proved the hit of the party.

Other than being a collector of tarantulas, Phillip is also a firebug and a chemist so the fire came in many colors.   

I tried to get some photos of the blue and green flames but alas, no luck.

It's interesting how the photos come out when the lens stays open too long.  (My New Year's resolution, To get into a photography class.)
 I was parked at the side of the road and this was my view in the morning.  It was, for sure, a beautiful day.  The night had been pretty cold without Sign Me to snuggle with but I thought it best not to bring her along--fireworks and such. 

2014 is a new year and it looks as though it will be very interesting… So much is changing.

New Colorado Motto (as seen on Twitter):   "Have you looked at your hand?  Have you really looked at your hand?

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