Saturday, January 11, 2014

Am I Blue?

This has been a No Good, Very Bad Week….

It started with Precious (the IPad).  No Sound.  How do you talk to Siri without sound, much less listen to "This American Life" or Jon Stewart?
I had an appointment at the Apple Store on Tuesday but I started to feel really bad on Monday.  A Bug?  Something I ate? I showed up at the Apple Store anyway but boy did I feel rotten.  They said her speakers were gone and to come back Thurs. and they would give me a new Precious. I left clutching my beloved Precious to my chest.  A new Precious?  I felt discombobulated. (Hmm, do I have a fever?)
Tuesday night and Wednesday were very uncomfortable, especially since I had workers in the house all week replacing some sheetrock, repairing some walls, plus painting my bedroom.  The fumes were ghastly.
I was nauseated with flu or food poisoning, plus smelling paint and primer and glue,  and who knows what else.
And then the Coups de Gras, I could not post pictures to the blog!  All Week!  I am hoping it is something minor--but now I am waiting for Ron to work his magic.

Eureka! The sun came out.  By Thursday I felt much better and kept my appointment at Apple.  They discovered the glitch that had shut down the iPad's speaker, so I didn't have to adopt a new Precious. Ron says I need to stop playing the Heavy Metal and Acid Rock at full volume.
The workers were done by Friday evening and I have my bedroom back without plastic all over everything.  Food tasted good again. Sigh Me came out of hiding and curled up in my lap to purr.

And maybe I will be able to post something this weekend….Stand by.


  1. Oh, Toni. I'm so sorry you had such a miserable week! Maybe the bad stuff will be all clumped together and now you will have smooth sailing for awhile. I hope so!

  2. Don't push yourself,or your I-Pad, too hard! Glad you are feeling better.