Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Craig 4-H Fair

When I drove into Craig, a small town located in the far northwest corner of Colorado, I was once again showing signs of 12Volt problems.  This has been an on-again off-again problem since day one and no solution had yet been found.

I came to Craig to visit with a nephew, Allan. He is the grandfather of those very lively little children, (Mary Ann, Amara Jo and Anthony) I visited with when I was in Eureka last spring.  He is also a doctor on a cruise ship, was sailing around in the Norwegian Fjords at the exact same time I reached Craig, and he would not be home for another 4 days.

But I was getting a little worried about the 12 volt battery that would not seem to get charged up when I  drove down the road.  I had decided to hang out in Craig and find an RV park so I could plug in for a change and a charge.  Maybe I had been 'off the grid' too long and a little boost of 110 would solve the problem.

But all the RV parks wanted between $35 and $40 per night.  That was out of my budget so I was feeling frustrated when I happened to drive past the Fairgrounds.  It was a 4H Fair and the back lot was full of RVs.  I quick drove through and saw that there were electric hookups provided for the RVs and there were a few electric hookups still unoccupied.

I parked near this friendly neighbor and dashed in to the office to see if they would let a 'non-4H-er' into the mix.  The very nice lady said "No problem," then quoted $40 and when she saw my sad face she seemed surprised.
"I need about 4 nights and that is too much for my budget," I moaned.
"Well, the $40 is for the time of the fair and that's 4 days.  But that's the best I can do." She said.
"You mean $40 covers all four nights!  I'll take it!"

 I couldn't believe my luck.  I had all these interesting neighbors, lots of afternoon entertainment, and a live band to serenade me each night.

It was another serendipitous adventure!

The quilt displays were impressive...

Especially when you realize these are done by young people.


I had about decided that sewing had become a lost art until I saw the quilts.

This was my favorite.

There were jars of jams, jellies and pickles.....ho hum.

But the cake decorating was very creative.  
I was surprised to see there were NO horses in the icing.

This was my favorite.

The calf roping drew a good size crowd.

Both on and off the horses.
No calves were injured in the making of these photographs...

But they sure were agitated.  

This guy was totally engrossed in the action.  Then during slower times he would look in my direction to see if I had something to eat.

I have decided that Fairgrounds will be a regular stop from now on.  One of my other neighbors told me that most fairgrounds are less than $10 per night and sometimes, during major events, parking is free.
Yup! Free's good!

This little 'Cowgirl-in-Waiting' informed me that it was okay to take her picture.

BTW, Sigh Me scored 3 on the Friskies fish game, then fell fast asleep.  


  1. You do have such a good time!

  2. Toni.....if you get a chance....check the Lambert family page.