Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dry Fork Canyon

I hope everyone has not deserted me.  Sigh Me and I have been high up in the mountains for the last week, away from any Internet connections, so now I have to work hard to catch up.

 Vernal, Utah began to really warm up and Sigh Me was looking more uncomfortable by the hour.
I kept trying to find some shade but the trees everywhere were hardly tall enough to shade a jack rabbit.

So I asked around and was told to take a ten mile drive to the west of Vernal and I would find a cool canyon called Dry Fork with lots of shaded areas perfect for a picnic and a comfortable afternoon nap.

It took only a few minutes out of town and the terrain became increasingly more interesting.

We came upon this sheer cliff and on the side of it we found the following....

Modern Petroglyphs!
 The Maine was a battleship that exploded in the Havana Cuba harbor in 1898 when 3/4s of her crew were killed.  The media in the U.S. at the time blamed Spain for the sinking of the ship. "Remember the Maine, To Hell with Spain" became the rallying cry that served as a catalyst accelerating the Spanish-American War.  The cause of the explosion has never been proven 

Just a short ways further down the road I saw this sigh.  PETROGLYPHS! Naturally, I executed a u-turn and headed for the ranch.

It was very quiet, no one around that I could see, but the cliffs behind the ranch house were very intriguing.

There was an old homestead, some cows in the field...

...and the few cars parked near the cliffs indicated there were climbers up in the rocks.  The sun was really cooking now and there was no shade anywhere.  In a few minutes one of the hikers appeared and when I questioned him I heard, "Yep, there are some great drawings up there, but you have to do a little climbing."

I looked at that cliff face and opted to continue up the canyon and return later in the day when the sun was lower in the sky.

I drove another 5 miles but it took me about a half hour because i couldn't stop taking pictures of the rock formations.


We found our shady spot along a little creek.  I fixed a sandwich and after lunch we both stretched out for a long afternoon nap.  


  1. I have really enjoyed your posts, we will be following in your footsteps very soon.

  2. Allison, Any chance our paths might cross? I am heading toward Santa Fe and will be in NM for a few weeks.

  3. After Yellowstone, we have to go to South Dakota to renew the driver's licenses. Unfortunately, this is not doable over the internet. After that, I'm not sure where we are going. We usually arrive back in Tucson November 1 for the winter.