Monday, December 10, 2012

Ft. Worth Stockyards

What is a trip to Ft Worth without a visit to the stockyards?  Located in the very heart of Ft Worth this historic area is a reminder of why this city is affectionately known as Cowtown.

The packing houses are now closed and the stock pens are replaced with  restaurants,  gift and souvenir shops.

The train station runs tours for sightseers--not stock cars for the slaughter houses.  But twice daily a herd of a dozen longhorn steers are marched down the street  so all us city slickers will get a feel for what it must have been like when cattle ruled.

Somehow I think these 12 fat lazy well-groomed bovines bear little resemblance to the dusty herds of thousands of animals that thundered down this street a hundred years ago.

I wish I could convey the sounds--hooves on the brick road, the jangle of tack, an occasional long low moo,  the clicking of tongues as the cowboys urged the indolent beasts down the street.  Somehow it all seemed unusually solemn and serious.  

The last of the horses and cattle disappeared up the ramp and into the temporary holding pen.  But in just a few hours they will make the march again--every day, rain or shine.  If I were a cow I think that would be a pretty good gig--it sure beats the slaughterhouse.

Aunt Louise and I strolled around for a while listening to cowboy songs on the speakers as we shopped.

We stopped for lunch and had one of those truly guilty pleasures--

FRIED PICKLES!  Ohh! the clogged arteries.

The picture taking business wasn't that brisk.

I remember back in 1981sitting in the Astrodome with my husband when Nolan Ryan pitched one of his no hitters against the Dodgers.  I must say, that was an incredibly exciting game.

This is a chair that only a Texan could love.

The weather was starting to show signs that winter was close and the last thing I needed was to get into a bad winter storm.  So I knew it was time to start up the engine and head further south.
 I am now back in Tucson where I will headquarter for the next two months but I will be posting a few more on Texas.