Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rock City-- part 2

I was really enjoying the walk among the amazing rocks and beautiful gardens....


There were stairways and walkways that made 'rock climbing' available for even the most sedentary visitor...

However, some spots were more challenging than others.  Oh, the mortification if one were to get stuck in one of these crevasses. (Yep, I got through that one, but I had to "suck it in")
That big guy is actually resting on that little one.  Whatever you do--don't sneeze!

I stood under that rock and wondered how long it had been since Tennessee had experienced an earthquake.

I got one final view of that over-hanging rock formation when I saw the platform ...Could I go out there?

Yeah!  I did it!  

And this was the photo I was able to take from that platform.  Wow!  Rock City was pretty amazing and well worth the time to get there.  Thanks again, Wendy and Mike.  I loved it.


  1. I love Rock City!!! Are you sure they aren't pumping the water up to there? Where is it coming from? Love Jo

  2. I am so sorry I didn't ask someone. Probably because it looks so implausible that it would be unnatural. Maybe someone out there knows. If it is artificial then they are pumping a heck of a lot of water. By the way, Jo, I am so glad to see your comment. Toni

  3. You're welcome! So glad you enjoyed the visit there! We thought it was a wonderful place, too! Wendy