Saturday, October 6, 2012

On the Road from Chattanooga to Memphis

On the road to Memphis (sounds like a country-western song, doesn't it) I found this state park for the night.

Lo and behold, it turned out to be the home of Davy Crockett before he left Tennessee.

from their brochure..."David Crockett was a pioneer, soldier, politician, industrialist, legislator, statesman, patriot and hero.  In this spot he developed a powder mill, gristmill and a distillery along the bank of the Shoal Creek.  These operations were washed away in a flood in 1821."

Crockett died at the Alamo in 1836, while aiding the Texans in their fight for independence from Mexico.
Something is going screwy with the color in my camera.  I am getting far too many pictures like this now.  GRRR.  It probably is because I don't know how to work the adjustments.  Do you think I should read the 'How-to' booklet? After over a year of using it, I think it might be time. 

But sometimes the colors come out just right.  Fall is approaching, can you tell?

Anyway, I truly appreciate Davy's old homestead.  It was a beautiful spot for spending the night.  Not too expensive either--$16 per night and I got a hot shower, dumped the tanks, filled the water tank and got to barbecue a pork chop on the grill.  Life is good.

 That is a cotton field ready for harvest.

When I reached Memphis I headed right for Neeley's Interstate Bar-B-Q restaurant.  It was written up in USA Today as the best place in the whole USA for a BBQ'd pork Sandwich.

So I ordered the pork sandwich and I have to was the best I've ever eaten!  (I would have taken a picture but the sandwich was gone before I thought about pulling out the camera)

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  1. Toni,
    This is the third time I've tried to send you a posting this morning. I was trying to do it through my google account, but it keeps trying to sign me up as a blogger and erasing what I've written, so I'm going back to being Anonymous. What I wrote was that I like the pictures of the geese and the cotton field particularly, although I like them all. I wish I had something helpful to say about the color thing in your camera, but you may have got that figured out by now anyway. I enjoy vicariously following your travels through this beautiful area, and am always astounded by the amount of water they have lying around, although I lived in similar country when a child. I just have been a drylander now for a long time. I hope Sigh Me and you are both well. I'm curious -- where do you go for routine things like having your teeth cleaned? Just pick a dentist at random? Ignore the whole thing? And can we hope to see you back here in Arizona sometime soon?