Thursday, November 8, 2018


There is  a lovely new home waiting for me in Encinitas, Ca. in which I can claim a bedroom and a bathroom.  The house was built by my son Ron and his wife Loretta and I will be headquartering there for the future winters. No, I am not giving up my traveling--at least not yet, but I cannot think of a  more inviting place to spend the cold winter months than with them in Southern California.

What this move to Ca. means is that I will miss some very special people like these two ghostbusters. Don and Nancy have been great friends for many years now plus they  are famous for throwing some of the best parties.

They are both engineers which means they have the expertise to turn their front yard into the most exciting graveyard seen outside of Disneyland.

Everything talks, moves, lights up or jumps at any unsuspecting children who dare to venture to the front door to ask for candy.

The night before Halloween, Don and Nancy invite several hundred of their closest friends and neighbors to come for a 'test run'.

There is revelry, card games, karaoke, a fire pit, and great food shared by all....

...even a few ghouls.

This guy was somewhat anti-social.

Why are clowns so creepy? 

I took Daisy out of the RV to see this stuff--it really spooked her.

A real plus about living in an RV is that I can spend the night parked in front of their house and don't have to worry about having that last glass of wine before driving somewhere.

Anyway, the hard part of every new adventure is leaving behind so many friends.  I will be having Thanksgiving dinner  with Suzie and Bill; Ron will come the next day to rent a truck and help me pack up the last of the stuff in storage; then I am headed west.  Tucson has been my home for 17 years, but I will be back to visit.

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