Monday, March 20, 2017

The Owl Car

I have been thinking--Spirit needs a little Pizzazz.  She is decidedly dull with lots of browns and beiges--nothing too 'spirited' in her coloring.  I have been searching out ideas when I came across this vehicle parked at the movie theatre....

Buttons and bottle tops and a psychedelic imagination is all I need.

In case you missed the theme of this car.

I didn't know these things still existed.

Spirit gets lots of dead bugs on her rear view mirrors--buttons would take care of that problem.
Please note the car seat covers.

I swear this car is smiling. 

Whenever I have to stop too fast at a light, something always goes flying.  In this car you might be pummeled to death with stuffed owls.

Bisbee, Az--Of Course!

What theme would I choose for Spirit.  Looking around the interior of my RV I spy an excess of plastic grocery bags--some full, some not; dirty dishes; post-it notes; flip flops and lots of dog toys. So far I am not inspired.  Any ideas?

Whoooo cares?

Maybe it's the heat that's getting to my brain.  

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Family Fun, Jerks, Junk, Clouds, Sky

A visitor arrived last week, my husband's cousin, Ursula.  We had not seen each other in thirty or more years so we had a lot of catching up to do.  She is an avid traveler as well but more conventional in where she stays.  She did say she would like to join me next year if I go to Newfoundland.  I think she would enjoy it and I am sure I would.

As usual I found that describing my lifestyle was a bit challenging.  It is hard to explain the charm of living in 200 sq. feet then moving house and all from doctor to dentist to Target and finally to the local park for my afternoon nap before driving to the Cracker Barrel parking lot for the night.

Life is a always an adventure when your front yard changes at will...
Parking a few nights at Catalina State Park was a treat.  Lots of space plus the neighbors were quiet or gone-- off mountain-climbing during the day and quiet at night.


Boondocking at Casino Del Sol is free and welcoming but I wonder for how-long.  Some of the  temporary residents think the parking lot is their living room. There are a few overnighters that have been there for weeks.  This guy had 2 lawn chairs, a table, bbq pit, plus pillows, umbrella and several flags.   He also likes lots of beer and loud country music. The Casino must make lots of money from these guys or they would have been tossed out a long time ago.

The best thing about boondocking at the Casino is their senior discount for breakfast.  Breakfast is better at Cracker Barrel but the Casino price is hard to beat.

Daisy likes the view from the RV door no matter where we park and guards against any other dogs getting in.

The heat is now unbearable at 90+ degrees and I am regretting that I still have a few more weeks before hitting the road for the summer.  

An occasional cloud passes overhead but dust and not rain are all that is produced.

Is it hotter than usual?  You better believe it.  We are breaking heat records and I am running the generator regularly from noon until late afternoon; cooking is impossible without the air-conditioner. 

At least the nights are still in the 60s.

And the sunsets make me wish I could write poetry--or play the guitar.

I know it will be a good day when it starts by me watching the hot air balloons over the desert as I eat breakfast.

I'll be heading east to Ft. Worth in about two weeks.  Just a few more things to take care of before I leave Tucson.  

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Gem Show--again

Spirit is fast aground these days.  Many visits to doctors (one cataract removed and several heart tests to find out all is okay), dentists (I chipped my front tooth again!), meetings and seminars, (various meet-ups plus one all day seminar for writers--published and pre-published), and lots of lunches and movies with friends. 

Daisy and I have been getting acquainted.  No, I do not want her to eat at the table, but a small piece of apple--just this once, can't spoil her, I'm sure.

Suzie and I took in one day of the Gem Show just for the heck of it.  

 I skipped the diamond earrings, ruby necklaces and emerald bracelets but couldn't resist these beads. I have no idea what I'll do with them.

All of this glitter is no longer interesting to me.  My life has become so simple  that I resent relinquishing storage space for non-necessities on the off-chance I might get invited to a soiree with Prince Harry and Meghan. 

Anyway, they will have to send the invite to Cracker Barrel or, on occasion the Casino Del Sol  parking lot, so I decided to forgo the jewelry.

No, I haven't taken up gambling but the Casino has a pretty good restaurant and a 15% senior discount on their breakfasts.  And you can't beat the price for spending the night in their parking lot.

All the same, the gem show was a fun few hours. 

Turquoise comes in many shades of --well, turquoise.

She howls at my singing but I think she'll come around eventually.

We are preparing to leave for Ft Worth the end of March.  Hooray!  I feel like it has been a very long winter but the weather this year has been fantastic--warm and inviting --perfect for playing fetch.  My plans for this coming summer are to head--very slowly--west,  and to reach Oregon in time to see the eclipse.