Monday, March 20, 2017

The Owl Car

I have been thinking--Spirit needs a little Pizzazz.  She is decidedly dull with lots of browns and beiges--nothing too 'spirited' in her coloring.  I have been searching out ideas when I came across this vehicle parked at the movie theatre....

Buttons and bottle tops and a psychedelic imagination is all I need.

In case you missed the theme of this car.

I didn't know these things still existed.

Spirit gets lots of dead bugs on her rear view mirrors--buttons would take care of that problem.
Please note the car seat covers.

I swear this car is smiling. 

Whenever I have to stop too fast at a light, something always goes flying.  In this car you might be pummeled to death with stuffed owls.

Bisbee, Az--Of Course!

What theme would I choose for Spirit.  Looking around the interior of my RV I spy an excess of plastic grocery bags--some full, some not; dirty dishes; post-it notes; flip flops and lots of dog toys. So far I am not inspired.  Any ideas?

Whoooo cares?

Maybe it's the heat that's getting to my brain.  


  1. I can transform your vehicle while you're up here in Oregon! I really hope you like those little plastic tabs that keep bread bags closed because I have thouuuuusands of them and they would look really good covering your RV! Bwahaha!

  2. Yes indeed a real jewel of Tucson. Make sure you see this museum during Christmas. Unbelievable!