Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Madrid, NM

A short drive outside of Santa Fe is the funky little town of Madrid...

The town is noted for its artists, craftsmen and aging hippies.

Alexandra suggested we go there for lunch and some 70s nostalgia.

Several miles before we reached the town we were seeing signs of ....

....well, whatever.

And there is a whole lot of 'whatever'.

I really do miss the colorful cars of bygone days.

 Every house on the main street is a shop, studio, restaurant....

or "Body Bordello".

I couldn't resist...I took dozens of  pictures of mailboxes.

Both front and back.

I think #28 must be a misfit.

 We had lunch here at 'The Holler' and discovered a very unusual southern menu... the chef was from Florida. The food was quite good.

Even the wrought iron on this person's balcony was unusual. Mushrooms?  Hmm.

A thoughtful rest stop.

 This one's for you, Janice.

This town must have the smallest garbage dump in the country.  I believe every discard had been incorporated into an 'art piece' of one sort or another.  Kinda fun but I suppressed any urge to purchase a souvenir.

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