Thursday, August 11, 2016

Woodstock--Let's have a Parade

As I was pulling away from St John River to head to Moncton I was stopped by a policeman with the admonition, "Park that RV, lady, a parade is coming through."

I am an absolute sucker for a small town parade and this was one of the smallest.

Judging by the lack of crowds on the street I decided most of the residents were in the parade.

Miss Woodstock

I tried to find out what the occasion was for a parade on a Monday and was told it was a three-day-holiday weekend.  No one was really sure why, but one person called it a 'Civic' holiday.

Miss New Brunswick

I was not sure this parade had a theme either.

"The Miss New Brunswick Pageant Committee"

I have a lawn chair and a trailer hitch on the RV--all I needed was a trailer and I could have joined the parade.

They needed a marching band.

And what is a parade without the Shriners?

And where do they get those little cars?

He seemed to know everyone in town.  
He kept leaving the parade to talk to people or to get his picture taken.

This rig pulled off to the side and a few of the ladies ran into the restaurant on the corner to use the bathroom.  When they returned they jumped back on the trailer and the rig rejoined the parade.  It was the only music in the parade.

The John Deere dealer came out in force.

There were some nice horses. (sorry I missed his head.)

Woodstock has some very pretty young ladies.

Smith's Landscaping (???)

Curling is a big sport in Canada.  I wonder where curling got its name.

Dairy Queen is the best--they gave out ice cream cones.

My Favorite.

Grocery carts?  And a shower cap? 

The CCAS --I think that is like the Humane Society.

These guys were working like mad.  They got lots of applause too.   

Yeah for the Food Bank!

A bathroom Stop

I love a parade--no matter how small.  And I think it was serendipitous that I had not jumped up that morning to drive away early.  Even though It was now running late in the day I was sure I could get parked by nightfall.

In just a few hours I reached the Moncton Walmart in time to see the sunset.
 It couldn't have been better if I had planned the day.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your photos of a small town parade. For a little parade it looked really nice.