Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Ah, Life is Good....

If I post to my blog and no one sees it does it mean I am not here?

Well, look out folks, I am still here and doing incredibly well.  Open heart surgery turns out not to be as bad as I feared.  Two months from the event and I am on my way back to normal--whatever that is.

(Christmas present from sister, Mary)

When I initially heard about the impending surgery I picked myself up off the Doctor's office floor, got all my affairs in order, rented a house from a friend here in Tucson and that is where I have been  recovering.  Halcyon II has been resting behind another friend's house just waiting for me to move back in (which I plan to do in two weeks).

(Ginger,  the guard Kitty that watched me move into his house)

I have an acquaintance who informed me once upon a time that I should not brag so much about my kids.  So being mindful of my excesses,  I promised to restrain myself.  I won't tell you that my kids are simply the most amazing, incredible, stupendous, unselfish, lovable caregivers that anyone could possibly ask for.

Ron and Loretta drove to Tucson from San Diego with a month's supply of awesome Italian dishes (Loretta is one dynamite cook) to fill my freezer.   They stayed only the weekend followed by Janice who flew from Salem, Oregon to be there for the surgery. She stayed for three weeks to make sure my every need was taken care of.  (The hospital is probably rewriting their procedures after Janice corrected them , several times,  as to the safest method to--blah, blah).  Once I left the hospital she worried over me as though I were a new born babe (BTW, Babe is the name of my new Mitral pig valve).  Then, as soon as Janice flew back to Oregon, Ron and Loretta returned for several more weeks of extra-attentive care, more good meals and lots more attention.

But I won't brag.  I promised.


(here is the view from the back window of my temporary home--just before the storm hit)

(And just after it hit and dropped the temperature into the 20's.  BRR) 

(We look like Colorado!  But the snow quickly melted and we are almost back into the balmy 70's)

I am a few months away from traveling but I seriously plan to get back on the road soon.  In the meantime I will  keep posting something in this blog so you know I am still here.


  1. Good news! We look forward to your return to the road. Best wishes!

  2. Thanks for the update. I'm glad that you doing so well!

  3. An email from a good friend:

    "You are having too much fun to be recuperating... have you been
    teasing us about the surgery ?

    Cheers to a fantistic lady and good friend ..

  4. Woo Hoo! Glad to see you back in the blogosphere! I knew a little thing like heart surgery couldn't keep you down. 😉 Welcome back my friend!