Thursday, August 14, 2014

Update on sister Mary

For family and friends who are asking....

     Mary is back in Hawaii but she did not escape the hurricane unscathed.  The best description of her misfortune is one made by her friend and a fellow blogger at "Hattie's Web"--there is a link over there on the right side of this posting.  Be sure and read both postings for March 14th, starting with "Help". 

      Mary is also struggling with the problems alone as Jim is hiking up in the mountains of Colorado and is out of phone range.  It was just a year ago that she fell out of the papaya tree and broke her knee.  Jim was in Colorado when that happened too.  

     I'm sure there is a punchline to this but it eludes me.  I can't even find a photo to fit but, Mary, the following book is recommended reading:





  1. Mary was over here yesterday, and I thought she looked fine, and she's not too badly off. People have been great in Puna, really showing a cooperative spirit. There is a lot of damage, but things are getting roughly into shape already and life goes one.

  2. I saw the news footage of the storm aftermath and was surprised to see dirt roads. I have not been to Hawaii and for some reason I thought all of it had been paved by now. It's odd what gets in a person's head. With poor infrastructure, it will be a long slog back.
    Your points about being ready are really good. We need to do something better about medical POA. Since the spouse and I travel together, it's not impossible to think we'd be injured together. So, I'll put it on the to do list. Thanks for the thought. We did each get a Road Id. It's a plastic bracelet with our names, 3 contact phone numbers, and allergies. At least the EMTs will have an idea of who we are if we can't speak.

  3. Mary came over Saturday evening and stayed overnight. She needed a break from the situation out there. She is doing fine,though.